Gas Memorabilia Collection For Sale

About My Vintage Gas Memorabilia Collection

It has taken me a lifetime to acquire and accumulate my vintage Gas Memorabilia Collection. And now I am ready to retire and it is time for someone else to enjoy this rare collection. It is probably one of the finest Gas Memorabilia collections around. The leads that I have followed looking for vintage pumps, signs, oil cans etc., are not countable but every lead had to be pursued. Some leads were dead ends, some not. There were many wasted trips looking for a rare pump or sign. But sometimes on those trips, when time was spent talking to a stranger in a small-town cafe, a new lead would surface! This life long journey to find my rare Gas Memorabilia Collection, and the many nice people I have met along the way, is probably worthy of writing a book about. Some trips produced a half of a trailer load of Gas Memorabilia, which by the way would also produce a sleepless night at some small-town motel. The worry that someone would steal things from the trailer in the night, or worse, heaven forbid, take the trailer and all! The pump restorations have start to finish been done by me and only me. The problem with being this fussy is that every pump had to be disassembled one hundred percent. Then each pump was sand blasted, metal worked for dents, bondo applied, primed, base cleared, and then cut and rubbed. Finally, each pump was carefully reassembled. Including full assembly, each pump receives 200 to 225 hours of work. There is no need for pumps to have the look of a hundred-thousand-dollar street rod, but through the years I wanted to be able to walk by them and have no regrets about my work. Plus, it takes your friends a lot longer to try, as human nature does, to find anything wrong with each item.