Antique Safes

My Antique safe collection is also a very heavy and time-consuming endeavor. My cannonball safes are from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The safes go through the same process as an expensive street rod to acquire the final finish. I was very fortunate to meet my mentor, who now has passed away at the young age of 98. Not only did he teach me how to open safes, but also spent years with me on the art of removing and servicing the timelocks in bank vault doors. Bank vaults and likewise the banker’s chests and cannonballs all had to have timelocks. Most of these are a specific time piece called a movement. Many were Swiss made. Hence during the restoration process of my safes, everything, including the timelocks have been gone through. The only part of the safe restoration I can’t do in house is the nickel plating. After the plating is done then me and my milling machine re-engine turn the face of the nickle of some parts to return it back to the original look.